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The core of our company is simple - we provide outstanding service to our client base by keeping your best interests in focus. As an extension of our service, this portal provides insight to progress & performance at your fingertips -
Fast - Accurate - Easy!

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MDS understands the relationship between your hospital and the community you serve. As an extension of your business office, you can trust that we share your vision for excellence in customer service, while also achieving recovery on accounts.

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Medical Data Systems is a Revenue Management and technology company dedicated to changing the provider-patient relationship through software and professional services that help providers manage accounts online.


Mobile Friendly Design

New! Responsive to any mobile device (i.e. Android, Tablet).

Data Insight

Provides one place to see all of your accounts currently being worked by MDS.

Instant Note Viewing

Access to view detailed account notes.


New! A fast and easy method to locate account information.

Collaborative Features

MDS provides this portal so we can work closely with our clients to maximize efficiencies.

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